Geet Govind

Geet Govind is a poem of great lyrical beauty composed by Jayadeva in the 12th century.

It describes the relationship of Radha and Krishna and takes us through various levels of human comprehension. On the mundane plane it describes the physical attraction between the Lord and his beloved. As the poem progresses towards the final stages of an ecstatic drama, the Lord takes his beloved into his fold more as a devotee than as an object of physical desire.

And herein lies the greatness of Jayadeva's work. It draws the reader / viewer subtly into the transcendental nature of the Almighty's association with the mortal elements. It is intriguing to find only Radha receiving all the attention of the Lord despite the Gopis of Brindaban sacrificing their homes and hearths for a glimpse of the lord and his pastimes. It makes one wonder whether Radha was a ploy in the guise of a gopi commissioned to show an uncommon path to reach Godhead.

The Madhurya Rasa (the mood of erotic love) is predominant in the poem and this lyrical representation, and it would require the utmost genius of even a consummate artiste to translate for the stage the deeper meaning of the poem without betraying the grossness of emotions. Hema Malini by example and precept is ideally suited to shoulder this responsibility and you will witness Geet Govind being elevated to a stage presentation of great charm and beauty.

Geet Govind, choreographed by Prof. Deepak Mazumdar with Music by Ashit Desai. The playback singers for the ballet are Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnamurti, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Hema Desai, Sonali Vajpayee, Devaki Pandit and Ashit Desai.